Donate to our Legal Fund

We are taking legal action to hold the Queensland Government to account for allowing Adani to destroy our cultural heritage and failing to protect our human rights.

Queensland’s broken cultural heritage laws are allowing mining companies like Adani to ride roughshod over our people’s human rights.

In 2021, the Queensland Government allowed Adani to destroy an ancient Wangan and Jagalingou tool making site. Now, the Government is refusing to investigate this heartbreaking destruction of our cultural heritage.

Under Queensland law, Wangan and Jagalingou people have the human right to practice our culture and participate in the preservation and protection of our cultural heritage.

Yet, on the Government’s watch, Adani has been allowed to destroy a highly significant cultural heritage site, to deny us knowledge about their plans to destroy the site, and to deny us access to monitor and protect our sacred site.

The Government is failing in its duty of care to protect our human rights and allowing the destruction of our cultural heritage. We have no choice but to take legal action. Will you chip in?

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