Waddananggu – the talking

Waddamuli (Hello)

ngadyu narri coedie (My name is coedie)

Ngaya Waddana Ngadyu yamba nani mundu (I am speaking from my homelands)

Yinda Daga-gu Yina Banna (You need to come here)

Gundarrana Ngaligu Binda (We’re fighting to live.)

I’m asking every man and woman to come to my homelands to join me and my family at Waddananggu – ‘The Talking’. Waddananggu is an evolving and multifaceted ceremony.

We have set up a stone Bora ring and ceremonial ground opposite Adani’s mine and are asserting our human rights as Wangan and Jagalingou people to practice culture.

Come to witness Waddananggu – ‘the talking’ – and stand with us to protect our human rights to practice ceremony and culture, and protect our homelands.

ngali yinda banna, yumbaba-gi. (We need you, to be heard.)

Coedie – Wangan and Jagalingou Cultural Custodian

Media Contact:

Media can contact 0448 745 850 or wanganandjagalingousog@gmail.com

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