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Your support to keep Waddananggu going is essential.

We rely on your donations to keep us going day-to-day, and to give us financial security to prepare for the unexpected, like floods and vehicle breakdowns. We are 100% volunteer-run and funded through community donations.

We’ve set a goal to sign up 300 monthly donors to keep Waddananggu going long-term. Will you help us reach our goal?

Our Cultural Ceremony has no intention of ceasing until Adani does. We are determined to maintain our permanent presence on Country to care for our lands and waters. Our role includes monitoring damage and destruction on our Country and holding those who harm our lands and waters to account. 

Generous donations to Wangan and Jagalingou Cultural Custodians have already helped provide essential infrastructure for Waddananggu, our ongoing Cultural Ceremony and camp, including:

  • A sleeping trailer which provides shelter from the elements and flood waters for our elders;
  • Food trailer with kitchen, which we purchased after our camp kitchen was flooded;
  • Tarps which provide shelter from rain and sun;
  • Tents for sleeping, which need to be repaired and replaced regularly;
  • Cellnet system and comms tower which gives us phone and internet signal so we can keep in touch with our supporters;
  • Vehicles, vehicle maintenance, and 4WD hire – breakdowns are frequent due to dust, floods, and rocky roads.

The ongoing support of monthly donors helps us with continuous finances such as:

  • Travel for family to support Gurridyula in keeping the sacred fire burning.
  • Maintenance and replacement of vehicles, shelter, and camp equipment – this is needed because of exposure to dust, floods, and extreme heat;
  • Ongoing costs to keep camp going like food, fuel, communications.

Waddananggu started because the protection of the land, air, animals and sacred springs are more important than Adani’s destruction of the environment and cultural heritage for coal mining. However it has become much more!

Waddananggu has become a community hub for mob to learn and share in culture – providing a safe space for our at-risk young people to learn new skills and reconnect with their culture. It is also a place for allies to experience what land rights and sovereignty for Wangan and Jagalingou people really means.

This is also your chance to grab a Wangan and Jagalingou t-shirt.

The W&J flag represents our ancestor dreaming and first law, the gundulu (emu), and the sacred waters of the Doongmabulla.

Your purchase of a t-shirt will also go towards supporting Waddananggu.

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